December 14, 2011


Hi guys, Just want to give a quick update since I have been away for a very long time. I recently started on my new job and have been super busy since. I totally want to give props to those who are fully commited to their blog and with a fulltime job to attend to~~~ I can't do that at all. So I will only be updating here and there randomly when I have the time and energy. Thanks.


November 22, 2011

modelsown Xmas Gift Box

Hi gals, 

As you can see, models own's xmas store is open. I got myself a very early xmas present: ultimate polish set for 50 pounds. I get to choose 15 different  (or same) nail polishes from the models own nail polish collection. 

This is what I got; I'll let the pictures talk.  

Top Row: Pink Fizz, Blooboo, Nude Beige, Cherry Pie, Red n Black

Middle Row: Blue Lagoon, Beth's Blue, Purple Grey, Magenta Divine, Magenta Pearl

Bottom Row: Base & Top Gloss, Lilac Dream, Emerald Black Beetle Juice, Betty Blue, Raseberry Crush

Until Next Time. 


November 17, 2011

Gmarket shopping guidelines

Yesterday, I have made my first purchase from gmarket. Before turning to gmarket, I was a very loyal customer to From time to time, I would order from stores that sell "made in korea" clothing and/or accessories because the quality of the products are so much better. However, I realized that these stores could be selling a lot more than the original price of the products. Also, it usually takes a month for the product to reach my hands which means I always have to order ahead because what could fit the weather now will not fit for the weather in one month. You might ask why it would take so long for the products to be shipped out. Usually in korea, the suppliers would take care of the domestic orders first and deal with the oversea orders later. The chinese merchants usually have to wait awhile before the korean suppliers ship out their orders from Korea. Sometimes, you are unlucky, some styles will go out of stock for the chinese merchants because stocks have been all sold to local merchants. 

So I figured why do I have to wait and go thru all those annoying procedures to get something from korea through taobao if I could order straight from the supplier on gmarket. Even if you are an oversea customer from gmarket, korean suppliers will see your order as a domestic buyer because they only have to ship to the gmarket warehouse. They will give your order priority over the ordes made from the taobao merchants. Gmarket, after receiving all your goods in the order, will combine all your products and ship out to your oversea address. Of course you will need to pay a little shipping fee, but it won't cost a fortune, and it's usually a little amount comparing to the amount you are paying for the products you are buying. 

Some people might worry abt shopping on gmarket because everything's in korean. You need not to worry because there is an English version of gmarket now. However, one thing that you should all be aware of is that some promotions or sales are only available for the korean version of gmarket and not available for the english version. Their server recognizes you as a foreigner if you choose to browse around the english version of gmarket. AND just like all other countries, Korea wants to provide the best deal to their locals; so this is understandable. If you really want the deals and can't understand korean, I advice you to use google translator. Also, make sure that there is a little "blue airplane" icon on the product viewing page to make sure that the seller are willing to ship oversea. 

My first experience with gmarket was quite pleasant. I used the english version because I wanted to save the hassle of loading google translator and the webpage at the same time because gmarket is already quite slow at loading. Since I have tried buying clothes from korea numerous times already, I don't worry about their quality. Regarding their shipping time, I made an order last night around 9pm and 1 product out of 9 items has been shipping out already (it's now 2:55pm the next day); 3 products are expected to be shipped out tomorrow. I suspect the whole order to be shipped out from gmarket warehouse next week. I have to say I am impressed with how fast Korean ppl work. 

I will later on do a post and show you guys some pieces I have bought from gmarket and comment on its overall service. Stay tuned. 


November 06, 2011

the saem - Gem Miracle W Pearl Beam Cream

Hi Lovelies, thanks for dropping by again. This time, I am doing a review on a moisturizer that I've bought recently. I have used this cream for about a week already, and I have seen great improvement on the condition of my skin.

Two weeks ago, my skin was breaking out severely. I got a lot of acne scar around the nose area and on my chin. I was soo frustrated because none of my moisturizers did any good at removing those scars. On top of that, they were causing my skin to break out even more. 

The acne cream I used is clean start 'hit the spot'. It does a great job in calming the acne and controlling it. However, my skin was in such a horrible condition that other unusual places start getting break out also. I guess my skin was getting very sensitive to whatever I was using. So I stopped any moisturizers or serum for a week. Then my skin started cracking because it was soo dry. Then I had to go back to using my usual hydrating cream, but my break out came back. AHH~ I literally went crazy. 

Then I remember how my skin is always better with korean skincare. So I went to a place in Causeway Bay and asked the sales lady to recommend me a moisturizer. I wanted one that could help me eliminate my scars and at the same time does not irritate my skin. She recommended me this Beam cream from the saem. She told me that this brand has been selling in Korea for years. She gave me a little to try on the back of my hands.. I immediately fell in love because the texture and formula is exactly the same as the EGF cream that was carried by Dr. G (however unfortunately has been discontinued). So I decided to give it a try since it's not expensive (HKD 260 for 50ml).

As you can see, the packaging is super clean, and the container is sooooo prettty!!! The cream is lightly scented. I have been using it for a week already, and my skin no longer goes out of control. The scars are slowly fading. I am so glad I have found it since my skin has become very sensitive to US or euro branded skincare, and God knows the reason why. 

That's it for my review. I hope this will help those who are currently in the same situation as me. See u'all nxt time. Also, if you have tried other the saem products, please share with me and tell me how it goes.... 


November 01, 2011


Headbands are really growing on me.. 
I know these are some crazy looking headbands.. 
BUT aren't they sooo cute~ 
EXAGGERATION is my belief. 


October 28, 2011

Tablo - Bad(나쁘다)

I am sooooo addicted to this song right now~ 
I could listen to it all day long!
However, I don't really get the meaning of the MV.
If someone could enlighten me a little, that would be great.

PS. I am experiencing a very bad breakout right now. Won't be doing any beauty product reviews for awhile since I can't use anything on my face because it's too effin' sensitive for anything. 


October 24, 2011

Blog Sale

I will not be doing individual blog sale posts anymore. What I will do now is keep adding new items to a separate page for blog sale. You guys can go to this link or click on the "blog sale button" at the top of this site. 

October 20, 2011

Movie Downloads

A lot of my friends have been asking me where I download high quality movies if I've missed it when they were airing in theatre. I usually "get" them from urgrove.

They have a huge selection of movies that are BRrip @ 800MB. The new ones that have just been released in blueray or DVD are most likely on that site already. What I love about urgrove is that they upload their split files on mediafire. If one is a regular downloader, they will know that only mediafire allows multiple files download occurring at the same time. A whole movie download will take about 30 - 45 minutes depending on your internet's speed. It's so much faster than BT download.

So, take a look there if you want. However, download at your own risk.


October 17, 2011

Dermalogica Clean Start

I was talking to my friend and she said I haven't been posting anything regarding beauty products or skincare. Today, I might as well do one because I just ordered myself three products under Dermalogica Clean Start Line.

Clean Start is targeted for teenagers who have acne prone skin. Some products out there which claim to cure acne usually aim for adult and matured skins. Since the oil glands are much more active for teenagers due to their unstable hormone change, teenagers are prone to having acne than adults. Moreover, teenagers are more likely to jump from products to product, in search of the perfect acne remedy; they often forget that some products might irritate their skin more causing severe skin problems. Clean Start is a separate line designed by Dermalogica, a very well known brand developed by international dermal institues. Clean Start is guaranteed to give best results in curing teenage acnes.

The slogan of Clean start is 1. get skin clean 2. take on issue 3. protect skin. There are 3 products that have received a lot of good reviews online in people's blogs or reviews in online skincare product stores: "wash off" cleanser, "hit the spot" acne spot treatment, and "brighten up" daily moisturizer.

Enough about what clean start is. I want to tell you guys about my painful shopping experience for clean start products. I was sent from skincarerx with some samples of "hit the spot" and "brighten up"; I immediately fell in love because of how fast my pimple decreases in size/dries up after I tried the samples. So I quickly went online to see where I can get these products. I found out that sasa in Hong Kong carries them. Then I went to at least 5 sasa in HongKong and found out that clean start has been discontinued in HongKong. *frown* I felt so defeated thinking that my acne problem will never be cured. Then it striked me that I totally forgot to look online. It took me days to find a store that would ship to HongKong with reasonable shipping fee!!!! I was so tempted to grab the ones on ebay, but unfortunately, most of them don't ship to HongKong as well. (So don't bother looking if you are in Asia.) Today, I landed on Dailygrooming Ltd. Their shipping fee seem to be the most reasonable out of all the online stores I've looked. ALSO!!! they are having a little sale with their Clean Start product. So, the rest you know. I couldn't resist buying from them. Now, all I need to do is wait for the products to arrive. Try out for a week and get back to you guys with a thorough review. I promise.

Anyways, this has been a long post.

EDIT 2011-10-17 11:47PM : (^___^)


October 13, 2011


I would like to take a minutes of your time and talk about a very meaningful project.

I have recently came across this website called This website gathers a community of kind-hearted people and gets them to loan to the entrepreneurs in the developing countries so they could start their own business and begin to live their new lives. Kiva - Loans that change lives - promotes a loan as little as USD 25 can empower the lives of a single individual or even his/her family.

I have gathered a few friends to look into the project. We stumbled upon a guy named Davit Davtyan. He is doctor in Armenia. Unfortunately, his salary as a doctor is too low to cover all the expenses needed for his family. Thus, he needs to start his business as a farmer; he needs to cultivate the land and keep livestocks around his home. He is now asking for a loan of USD3000 from Kiva so that he can purchase forages and fertilizers for his crops. You can view his detailed portfolio here >>> .

If you have decided to help Davit by donating USD 25.00, please leave a message in the comment section below and telling me that you will donate and how much you will be donating. The donation procedure is fairly simple. You only need to sign up with kiva with your facebook account and donate through paypal.

Thank you so much for your attention.
Remember, it is always more blessed to give than to receive.
Please help Davit.

YOU CAN also visit our youtube channel to see our group of friends who joined this donation activity!


October 06, 2011

Blog Sale

I am thinking I should do a blog sale since there are a lot of stuff that I won't be wearing anymore and are sitting in my closet prob because I don't fit into them anymore or I have grown out of that style.
I have practically a lot of shoes that have been worn once and are still in perfect conditions. However, they are all in size5. I will probably put them up on ebay as well. I have a few pairs of Dr. Martens I want to sell. If you are interested, you can comment below.

As for the clothing, I will only sell the ones that are still in style and in good condition. Some are starting to break apart and look worn out, those I will just dump them into garbage or send them to charity.

However, don't anticipate that the sale will be up within a week or two because I will be super busy in October. Sorting out items for sale and taking pictures, writing descriptions for them will take a super long time. Also, I need to figure out the shipping costs and if I will be shipping internationally. But, I will try to post some before 2011 ends.


September 30, 2011

Late Night Thoughts

I feel that I have been growing apart from people around me. Probably it's because I don't know what I want anymore. I feel like I have been living in my own world for too long, I have lost touched to the real world outside. I was once a girl who was sure of what she wants and how she wants things to turn out; then she's determined to get them or get them done. I was very ambitious and clear-headed. I just feel like I am not doing the right thing at the moment. That's why I need a job. I need to get in touch with new people, new ideas and new environment. My social network needs to expand. Having a Masters degree or learning a new language don't seem to satisfy me enough now because knowledge seems to be like something that I can buy. However, life experience and crisis management are something that I can only learn from meeting more people and accepting new challenges. This is exactly what I need in my life right now.

You see, blogging can help me clear my thoughts a lot. I first started saying I don't know what I want anymore, now, just at the end of one paragraph, I have a solution to my problem. What can I do without blogging. C'mon to people who stopped blogging or thought blogging's a bad idea. I mean, if you are scared that people read your stuff, you can just blog privately to yourself, ie. keep a diary.

I guess I have been watching too much Gossip Girl lately. Even if Chuck Bass can change, better himself and move on from his "lack of focus in life" old self, I am sure I can do that too. YES, tv shows can be inspirational sometimes. It always depends on which angle you look at things. 

Time to hit the sack. 


September 24, 2011

LNA - Potions

 I know this song is a little dark 
but it's one of my favourites from LNA 
 Do Enjoy 

 Love, Christy

September 22, 2011

feather t a t t o o.

A tattoo is something I have always wanted since high school, but I've never really brought myself into having one. Recently, I have came across this really pretty feather print, and I thought it would be a perfect pattern for an inner wrist tattoo. Now that I have a preliminary pattern, I worry abt having something so permanent on my body. I guess I need a lot of thorough thinking, and I feel like I need approval from my family at least. I wouldn't want to do something to my body and not have my family support me. But, look at the beautiful feather, it will look super good.

Anyhow, even if I've set my mind on having one, it will be a 12 months wait because the tattoo guru is so popular that the waiting time is at least 1 year. She is definitely worth the wait though. Her works are amazingly nice. You got to see it yourself.

Just a little blabble I want to make. Ciao.

Love, Christy

September 21, 2011

Je ne sais pas ...

feeel like listening to something light
I love love love Joyce Jonathan's tune
It's so cute and bubbly


September 19, 2011

August Shoes Purchase

Hi guys, 

Here are the most recent shoe purchases I have made. 
 I have to say they are probably the best purchases in 2011. 
 These shoes can be worn all year round and are super super easy to mix-n-match with anything. 

 1. Taoma F. Black Stretchy "Flat" - the whole shoe is made from lamb leather and is stretchy; therefore, it fits your feet like a glove. This pair also has a hidden 1 inch heel; it makes you look taller without ppl knowing you are wearing heels. I was wearing this all day long on saturday, and my feet didn't hurt a bit. Great purchase!!

2. Fabio Rusconi Black Peeptoe Ankle Boot - I just figured that I have became Fabio Rusconi's biggest fan this season. I have already bought two shoes from their collection this August. This pair is a 3 inches peep toe ankle boot. It's somewhat similar to the A.Wang ankle boot from last season. However, this pair is about 1.5 inches shorter than the A.Wang one which makes it so much easier to walk in. This pair goes well with basically anything since it's so stylish yet subtle. I also got this at an outlet, and it was 70% off. Such a great deal~ 

3. Fabio Rusconi Buckle Creeper - This pair of creeper from Fabio Rusconi isn't that high and couldn't possibly be considered as a flatform. This could be paired with knits, skirts, dresses (mini or maxi) if you are the girly type. I always figure that it is best to match some gothic items (creepers or skull patterns) with lace, mesh or knits. If one pairs this creeper with a mesh top with maxi skirt, the girly factor of the mesh can soften up the rocker side of the creeper making the whole outfit more wearable for girls who are not very rocker-ish or gothic. 

So.. here is a brief description of the shoes I have bought recently. The nxt post would be about the famous Clarisonic Mia.


Mia has arrived !!!

Hi guys, my Mia has arrived this morning. And I am charging it right now~ I am told that I have to charge it for 24 hours before using. After that I will doing a little review and brief description on the Mia.

Other than the Mia that I have just talked about, I have a few recent shoe purchases I want to share with you guys. I cannot post up any picture until I have my camera battery to charge up. =D So, stay tuned.


September 16, 2011

Clarisonic Mia

I have just made a purchase of the Clarisonic Mia on I am super excited about this purchase because recently I have been getting a lot of breakouts on my chin and I can't wait to try out this cleansing brush so my face can go back to spotless and acnefree.

I have been reading a lot of good reviews on the clarisonic brushes: both the original big head one and the smaller, more portable Mia version. Since storage area in my bathroom is quite limited at the moment, I decided to buy the Mia one to try out first. At skincarerx, there are quite a number of colours you can choose from. I got the Red one which I adore to death. Any electronics I get are either black, white or red.  Honestly, the red looks so much better than the white one in this case.

The kit comes with a MIA, a sensitive brush head, a gentle cleanser, and a charger with US plug. It's USD 140.00. If you use the coupon code SKIN10 or PACK10, you will be able to get 10% off the entire bill. I also got an extra brush head which is designed for deep cleansing purposes so I can clean up and remove those debris around my forehead, nose, and chin area.

The package will probably arrive on monday since the delivery takes about 1-3 days. I will do an unboxing post on the MIA once I have my hands on it.


September 05, 2011

Wrap-up on August 2011

Yes. I have basically not updated anything in the whole month of August because I was too overwhelmed with work, work and work. To make the long story short, I was going through a lot of stress and at last, resigned. So here I am, jobless yet happy~~~

There were quite a number of sad events that took place in August. I can conclude that August was the worst month out of 2011. I will not go into depth for each events. However, I have come into realization that we should all live for the moment. If something you feel isn't right, then it's probably not for you. Sometimes, it's a good thing to follow what your heart says.

 On a happier note, the new blackberry bold is launching in HongKong this friday. YES, I am going to get it ON Friday. I seriously canNOT wait. I have been looking around for cases and screen protectors already. This is how obsessed I am. ~

Love, Christy

August 03, 2011

First Day

Hey blogspot,

Again, Sorry for my lack of update. 
It was my first day at work today. To be honest, I am loving it, but at the same time, I am kind of lost. So confused as to where to look for files and stuff. I will get the hang of it, no worries. 

Here are a few pictures that I took yesterday on the ferry and today. I apologize for the poor quality.

Such beautiful victoria harbour~

Strawberry yogurt with oatmeal :D hearty breakfast

Dream Company~ 

There isn't much I can write these days. Other than that I bought a new eye cream from Innisfree. It's a korean brand. If you've paid enough attention to korean updates, innisfree spokesperson is Yoona from SNSD. Anyways, this green tea pure eye cream is gel based, oil free!!! So not only does it keep my eye area from poofing, it also keeps it acne free~ 

I'll keep this entry short. Need to head to bed now~

Until next time, guys.
Love, Christy

July 28, 2011

Good NEws

I have been away for quite awhile, I was busy with job hunting and all that. I was so discouraged for a little while because I did not get any call back from companies. However, the calls came pouring in this week. I went to a few interview at the beginning of the week. And yesterday, I landed on one of my dream jobs with one of my dream companies..

I am super duper duper super excited. I can't believe this is happening to me! I had no experience in fashion or merchandising whatsoever, but i got the job! and I will work hard to achieve my goal. I am so thankful for Cathy and Melissa who interviewed me. They are kind and wonderful women. I want to thank them for believing in me~

Last but not least, I need to thank God for leaving the best til now. And this is the first time that I got a offer within 1 hr after the interview~ I am sooo glad that I did well; I gave my best. I am more proud of myself than ever! Even more proud than finishing engineering~

Thanks to those who had wished me good luck!!! alll ur blessings worked!!!!

Love, Christy

July 22, 2011

Floral Bunny

Jumper from American Apparel
High Waist shorts from


July 20, 2011


vintage 501 CUTOFF from LEVI'S

Love, Christy

July 18, 2011

2011.07 Haul from American Apparel

Sorry. I have been away for quite awhile. 
I was so caught up with school and everything. 

I didn't decide to write until I got my parcel this morning from American Apparel.
I have to say it again, American Apparel never disappoints me any purchases I make. 
What I got this time is their famous 3D Flower Mesh Jumper which I got it in white and their top rated Nylon Tricot leggings in black.

I will talk about the leggings first because obviously there is more to say for the jumper. The material is 80% nylon and 20% elastane. The material feels kind of like swim wear. It's super stretchy and fits your legs like a glove. Although I think I got one size too big, the fitting is still gorgeous. Some say that they don't wrinkle at the knee; it wrinkles for me for the obvious reason. I will get the xs next time. I didn't want to go through exchange again because that would take too much effort. lol~ O~ I have to mention their elastic band around the waist area. It's super heavy duty! I am more than satisfied with this pair of leggings. 

Alright~ to the flower mesh jumper. As I've just mentioned, I got it in white!! When I took it out from the package, I thought, "Wow.. this thing is hella heavy!!!" I love how heavy it is. The material is 90% nylon and 10% elasthanne. OMG~ it's meshy but it's soo smooth! There are elastic bands at the wrist and waist area. Also, there is no need of ironing for this jumper! excellent because I hate Ironing... It's also a hand washing material. say NO dry clean only materials. (a little story about dry cleaning clothes, there are so many so many tops out there in the market that cannot take hand washing or machine washing apparently. Whenever I shop now, I tend to avoid "dry clean only" clothes because that would simply increase my cost on dry cleaning and it would take longer for my clothes to get cleaned. Normally when I hand wash my clothes, I can probably wear them the next day.) Anythings, this jumper goes well with EVERYTHING. skirts, jeans, shorts. Anything! I am sure I don't have to elaborate much on this jumper because it's so FAMOUS~ 

Higher contrast on the photo so you can see the flower mesh better.

I am so happy that I finally decide to get this jumper. I have been considering for over a year now~ I don't know why it took so long. I am known for my impulse buying! Anyhow, until next time, guys.

Love, Christy

July 10, 2011


So everyone knows about the place Pandora... where is it? it's really not a real place. Because only the avatar people know where Pandora is exactly. LOL~
However, ladies out there should get themselves familiar with another PANDORA.
The Givenchi Pandora.

It comes in all size. Large shoulder Pandora, Medium shoulder Pandora, Small Mini crossbody Pandora. They all look identical except for the size. However, the Pandora is available in all sort of leather. Regular lamb leather, Patent leather, wrinkled leather, rabbit fur, pebble leather, textured leather. The price range is from 980 USD to 2400 USD depending on the size and the type of leather. From what I've seen, Barneys NY and Bergdorf Goodman have the most to choose from in terms of size AND leather. 

My favorite one?
Of couse is the Mini Pandora Pepe Messenger =D

July 02, 2011

Superstrands Clip in Extension Review

CAUTION: I have been getting a lot of mixed messages and comments lately regarding this online store not shipping out products, not replying to any orders inquiries. Some people are saying that this company is still running fine and is a trusty one. Just shop at your own cost. I do not want to label this online shop to be fraudy or not. Nevertheless, I DID receive my parcel. 

I received my Superstrands Clip in Extensions today.
What I got is the Deluxe 20" 10 Pieces Clip in Hair Extension in Colour 1# Jet Black.
These are about 180g in weight and are quad wefted meaning you get four wefts sewed together as one.
Also, they are 100% Remy hair.
On the website it says it will include 
However, what I got in the package was a 5" instead of the longest 8".
Nevertheless, it has enough hair in my opinion.

As you can see, the packaging is SUPER crappy. It's just a cardboard tied to the hair extensions put into a plastic bag. There is no instruction manual, no comb, no extra clips, no anything except for the hair extension you ordered. I have to say that I am quite disappointed with the packaging because it certainly "debrands" the product even though the quality of the hair is average above.

I actually cannot comment on the clips yet because I have not worn these extensions for more than an hour yet. But they seem to be very sustainable and heavy-duty in my opinion. However, things can happen and they can break, I am sure. 

The hair is very soft, silky and true to colour. I ordered the darkest colour because I thought my dyed black hair is already very dark. Yet, jet black is even darker than my dyed black hair. I have yet to find split ends in these hair. 

One thing that worries me is that the hair kept shedding ever since I got them. I don't know if this is a normal thing for hair extensions.

Anyhow, I am quite satisfied with these hair extensions as per now.
I definitely need to bring them for a cut before I actually wear them since they are too long to blend into my real short hair at the moment. 

After the cut, I will post some picture of me with these extensions on. By that time, you guys will prob have a better view on how these extensions sit on a real head.

Anyways, if you want to check them out, go to

Next time, after these wear out, I will prob try the extensions from Hello Gorgeous because I heard they sell the thickest and finest quality hair extensions. If I could have found out sooner~ Anyhow, I couldn't wait for 5 weeks anyways. 

Until Next Time guys!
With Love, Christy

June 30, 2011

Sleek Makeup Little Haul

Hi guys,

My package from Sleek Makeup has arrived. I figured I will make a post on the stuff that were in the package. First, there are two True Colour Lipsticks: Matte Stiletto and Sheen Coral Reef.

The Matte Stiletto is very similar to the Nars Matte Red lipstick that I had. The colour is quite similar; however, this is about half the price of the one I got at Nars. Definitely a good deal! So to have that perfect red lip with the Matte Stiletto, you can youtube the tutorials. There are tons! I don't think I will need to re-do what people did already.

The Coral Reef is kind of like a watermelon colour. It's definitely nice for summertime. I personally like the Coral Reef better because the formula is more moisturized since it's sheen based. To let the colour standout, I would recommend using a peachy lipliner for the base.

Stiletto & Coral Reef

Second, there is a mineral based eyeshadow palette in STORM 578. This palette is good for everyday natural makeup because it consists of a lot of base colours like nude, brown and black. 

The packaging is a little bit crappy, but that's ok. The quality of the eyeshadow is definitely very good for a drugstore standard. The eyeshadows are very true to colour and are vivid. 

In this palette, there are 3 matte colours and 9 shimmery colours.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little review on SleekMakeup's products.
Next time when I see you guys, it will be my clip-in hair extension review post. 

BTW, my order from BARNEYS had also arrived. LOVING my new sandals to every bits and pieces. 

Until next time.
With Love, Christy