July 02, 2011

Superstrands Clip in Extension Review

CAUTION: I have been getting a lot of mixed messages and comments lately regarding this online store not shipping out products, not replying to any orders inquiries. Some people are saying that this company is still running fine and is a trusty one. Just shop at your own cost. I do not want to label this online shop to be fraudy or not. Nevertheless, I DID receive my parcel. 

I received my Superstrands Clip in Extensions today.
What I got is the Deluxe 20" 10 Pieces Clip in Hair Extension in Colour 1# Jet Black.
These are about 180g in weight and are quad wefted meaning you get four wefts sewed together as one.
Also, they are 100% Remy hair.
On the website it says it will include 
However, what I got in the package was a 5" instead of the longest 8".
Nevertheless, it has enough hair in my opinion.

As you can see, the packaging is SUPER crappy. It's just a cardboard tied to the hair extensions put into a plastic bag. There is no instruction manual, no comb, no extra clips, no anything except for the hair extension you ordered. I have to say that I am quite disappointed with the packaging because it certainly "debrands" the product even though the quality of the hair is average above.

I actually cannot comment on the clips yet because I have not worn these extensions for more than an hour yet. But they seem to be very sustainable and heavy-duty in my opinion. However, things can happen and they can break, I am sure. 

The hair is very soft, silky and true to colour. I ordered the darkest colour because I thought my dyed black hair is already very dark. Yet, jet black is even darker than my dyed black hair. I have yet to find split ends in these hair. 

One thing that worries me is that the hair kept shedding ever since I got them. I don't know if this is a normal thing for hair extensions.

Anyhow, I am quite satisfied with these hair extensions as per now.
I definitely need to bring them for a cut before I actually wear them since they are too long to blend into my real short hair at the moment. 

After the cut, I will post some picture of me with these extensions on. By that time, you guys will prob have a better view on how these extensions sit on a real head.

Anyways, if you want to check them out, go to http://www.superstrands.com

Next time, after these wear out, I will prob try the extensions from Hello Gorgeous because I heard they sell the thickest and finest quality hair extensions. If I could have found out sooner~ Anyhow, I couldn't wait for 5 weeks anyways. 

Until Next Time guys!
With Love, Christy


  1. i was just wondering if these extensions worked out? c: i was thinking about ordering a set.

  2. Hi~ I figured if I want to get from short to super long, this package has a little less hair than I expected. But if you are just adding volume, I think this would be the right extensions for you. The quality of the hair is superb although I have to warn you that they shed a lot!!!! A LOT!!! lol~

    if you want, you can check out "Clip Fair Hair Extensions" or "hellogorgeoushairextensions"

    Love, Christy

  3. i was hoping to add several inches in length, but i'm on a tight budget and hoping for decent enough quality x] thankyou! i'll do a little more research.

  4. My daughter's been waiting 3 months for her order, they still never sent her what she ordered, and they wont refund her hard earned money either.

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  6. I ordered a set on December 18, 2012 and have not received my order yet either. There is no phone number to contact them and they will not respond to emails either. Unfortunately I think I have lost my money. Big mistake ordering from this company.

    1. Hello Bella,

      Did you finally received your order? I am in the same situation. I ordered my hair extensions on February 3, 2013 and I haven't received them yet. I have written several emails without answer.I am starting to think that this is a fraud.

    2. This also happened to me. They have not responded to my e mails. I will be contacting my credit card company. Let's not let them get away with this.

    3. I order from them last june i think and took me 3 weeks to arrive. I was thinking to make a new order... please let me know if u girls alredy recevid them....

  7. Did you girsl recieve you're orders? I order on April 1st & i've been seeing bad reviews, or they take really long?

  8. How long do they usually take to arrive?

  9. I truly hate this company. Superstrands are by far the worst.. but there are so lil companies that ship to south africa. Ill most definitely never order from superstrands again. Im waiting almost 2months for my order

  10. I truly hate this company. Superstrands are by far the worst.. but there are so lil companies that ship to south africa. Ill most definitely never order from superstrands again. Im waiting almost 2months for my order