November 25, 2010

fresh - sugar everything

What do I have to say about fresh? It's my favourite skin care and fragrance brand. Ever since I have found out about 'sugar lemon' perfum, I am in love with it like how bear is in love with honey. I am totally serious; there is no way I will be switching out from their fragrances. I also own their sugar lip treatment with SPF 15. It has been the most moisturizing lip balm I have used in my entire life; it has a good scent to it as well. However, it's a bit on the pricey side for a lip balm, but I am sure it is worth your money. You won't be disappointed.

So, as Christmas is drawing near, the gift sets that are selling at fresh right now are probably some perfect gifts for your mother or your sisters or your beloved girlfriends. I am sure every girl needs pampering time especially when it's cold. Below are the 8 holiday gifts set from fresh.

Loewe - xmas

Each time I walk by Loewe, I cannot not stop to look at the beautiful leather purses that are hanging behind those windows. It's near xmas times, so it's time for all of us, ladies, to think about what to get for our special someone, if not, for our father would work too. Below are some pieces I love from Loewe that I am sure all of those gentlemen out there will like.


LEATHER MILITARY JACKET - I would say this is MUST have item for winter 2010. 

PS. I will keep updating with more xmas gifts ideas =D

November 19, 2010


So I will be digging myself into books for the upcoming week because I have a final coming up; therefore, I won't be updating. As much as I want to share and blog again, I cannot because I don't want to screw up my first exam. Please wish me luck, fellow bloggers. I will be back in a few days. ♥

November 17, 2010

November 15, 2010


Nothing excites me more than my most recent purchase at!!!
I got a pair of white vans sneakers at a super super great deal as well as *drum rolls*
JEFFREY CAMPBELL TUBE 2 in red distressed

I have been eyeing the LITA for the longest time, but just when I decided to checkout, I found out my sizes ran out of stock. So anyhow, I got super upset because I have been looking forever and everywhere for LITA. However, I definitely think TUBE 2 would be more fit for my style.

on the sidenote, tube2 is being modeled in the LF drifter lookbook, you can take a look at my second previous post.

November 14, 2010

November 12, 2010

behind the smile

"putting on a brave face so you won't see the pain, laughing so you won't see the tears, and smiling so you won't see the heart ache"

maroon lips

♥ my dark red lips?

November 11, 2010

10 random things

I am going to write 10 random things about myself. Hopefully in great details.... By the end of this, I hope you and I can understand me better.

1. I like winter. I definitely prefer winter over all other seasons. Has anyone realized that fall is not as equally important as all other seasons? Fall is used to being neglected, so I will also leave him out. So why winter? Winter breeze, winter rain makes me clear-headed. I become more logical, and I spend more time thinking about life; most calculations and thoughts tend to work out better during wintertime also. However, I have a habit of feeling lonely (VERY) lonely when winter's here, but my logical mind helps me overcome such feelings.

2. I actually don't like Tiramisu. How the heck did everyone came up with the idea that Tiramisu is my favourite. I mean, I wouldn't mind it, BUT liking it? NOPE! I would prefer raspberry chocolate mousse. If you are planning to get me a birthday cake, please skip tiramisu.

3. I prefer drinking over eating. I just think eating takes too much time and effort; as simple as that. So what drinks do I like? TEA! any kind of tea. mocha. coke. beer. lemon soju. bellinis.

4. I am a chaotic shopaholic. I CAN'T STOP BUYING.

November 10, 2010


Let's pull away from clothing and music. I want to talk about relationship today. So I have recently became unattached. I am 24 and should be at least thinking about a serious relationship and 'marriage'. WOW. My heart gets heavy whenever I think marriage because I do not think I am ready for it; however, times flies and I will sooooooon (emphasized on the 'soon') need to get married someday. So I started thinking, should I find a man who is fit for me? or should I follow my feelings and find a man I love? Because they can be two different men. I can find a guy I am crazily in love with, and live on bread. Or I can find a guy who has a good job with a good sense of responsibility and marry him; I might not LOVE him~ but I will like him. What would be a better choice? This is one of the dilemmas I am having right now... Which path should I take? I mean, who can guarantee that the man I love turns out to be the guy with the good job and a good sense of responsibility. There are guys OUT there... that are like this, but I am not meeting them or I am not falling in love with them.

But most of you will probably just tell me to wait. Right? You will all say that I will know when 'the one' comes. Sigh~ Bullshit me no more, he came and left. Or can I have many 'the one'? It depends right?

November 09, 2010


I am going through some minor identity crisis and so are my friends here. We feel like we don't belong here, but we are what we are. We were born here. We speak their language. However, there is something lacking or something excessive, but we don't know what it is. So sad..

The Housemaid

THIS IS CRAZILY INSANELY UTTERLY AMAZING.. With its nasty playful ending, this is probably my favourite movie in 2010.


Question: How do I make Europe out from Asia? I always think it's highly impossible without the trees, the rivers and THE ART! The longer I stay here in Hong Kong, the more I see how the mind, the art and the fashion are so constrained in some sense. People follow what is popular in the main stream and forgot about bringing their own personality to the table. In western world, people are more keen on expressing themselves in which I find myself more able to fit into. What's wrong with big red hair and bold red lips? I hate getting all the stares just because I look different.

I am so happy that there are people here who are trying to bring about new ideas into the society; however, the voices of these people seems to be very weak. Fashion does not necessary mean luxury brand and buying with a lot of money. I certainly do not believe that. But of course, with good quality clothing, we all need to pay a price for that. But, if we all engineer our thoughts and passion into what we wear, we could be bring Europe into Asia...

But something that can never happen here: free shipping program in ASOS

November 07, 2010


... starbucks. I want.
..tall decaf extra whipped half sweet peppermint mocha..

I prefer coffee over other drinks because it brings back good memories of mine. The sweetest memories. When I see coffee, I think of someone. Then I would only smile swiftly because I know I cannot live on based on memories. Just because they are memories, it means those moments will probably not relive themselves.

on the side note, I want breakfast in bed tomorrow. Do things like this exist here in Asia?

November 06, 2010

wish list

'Stella' tassle shoe
By bStore London

gloomy sky

It's so gloomy out, I am losing apetite for everything. I would love it if it rains, but it's not. It's just cloudy and gloomy: Just like how I am feeling inside. Life is too bittersweet at the moment. This love hate relationship I am having with people is really driving me crazy. My intention here is to enjoy every minute I make; however, it seems like the people, the society are trying to drag me out of this talk. What do they want? Why can't society just let me be? Why do I always have to be so caught up with speed and improvement? and Why if I don't, I will be eliminated? I enjoy being an artist and seeing artists being themselves. They have no intention to follow the world; they only listen to their heart and talent. I wonder, sometimes, if I am an artists myself: for having such bizarre, crazy thoughts. Don't worry, I didn't put up this song because I wanna die. Just like the tune...

Gloomy Sunday - Bjork

November 02, 2010


Another quick peek into LNA's latest album "Haunted"
Please subscribe to their channel and support them by purchasing their album.
Both online on itune and in stores.

DON'T you feel like you are on the moon already?
Enjoy =D


OUT in selected stores and online on November 23rd
In USA and Canada on November 20th

OF coz!! More eye candy on their official website


November 01, 2010

Have you ever consider your bedsheets as fashionable items?
How about your curtains?