November 06, 2010

gloomy sky

It's so gloomy out, I am losing apetite for everything. I would love it if it rains, but it's not. It's just cloudy and gloomy: Just like how I am feeling inside. Life is too bittersweet at the moment. This love hate relationship I am having with people is really driving me crazy. My intention here is to enjoy every minute I make; however, it seems like the people, the society are trying to drag me out of this talk. What do they want? Why can't society just let me be? Why do I always have to be so caught up with speed and improvement? and Why if I don't, I will be eliminated? I enjoy being an artist and seeing artists being themselves. They have no intention to follow the world; they only listen to their heart and talent. I wonder, sometimes, if I am an artists myself: for having such bizarre, crazy thoughts. Don't worry, I didn't put up this song because I wanna die. Just like the tune...

Gloomy Sunday - Bjork