September 30, 2011

Late Night Thoughts

I feel that I have been growing apart from people around me. Probably it's because I don't know what I want anymore. I feel like I have been living in my own world for too long, I have lost touched to the real world outside. I was once a girl who was sure of what she wants and how she wants things to turn out; then she's determined to get them or get them done. I was very ambitious and clear-headed. I just feel like I am not doing the right thing at the moment. That's why I need a job. I need to get in touch with new people, new ideas and new environment. My social network needs to expand. Having a Masters degree or learning a new language don't seem to satisfy me enough now because knowledge seems to be like something that I can buy. However, life experience and crisis management are something that I can only learn from meeting more people and accepting new challenges. This is exactly what I need in my life right now.

You see, blogging can help me clear my thoughts a lot. I first started saying I don't know what I want anymore, now, just at the end of one paragraph, I have a solution to my problem. What can I do without blogging. C'mon to people who stopped blogging or thought blogging's a bad idea. I mean, if you are scared that people read your stuff, you can just blog privately to yourself, ie. keep a diary.

I guess I have been watching too much Gossip Girl lately. Even if Chuck Bass can change, better himself and move on from his "lack of focus in life" old self, I am sure I can do that too. YES, tv shows can be inspirational sometimes. It always depends on which angle you look at things. 

Time to hit the sack. 


September 24, 2011

LNA - Potions

 I know this song is a little dark 
but it's one of my favourites from LNA 
 Do Enjoy 

 Love, Christy

September 22, 2011

feather t a t t o o.

A tattoo is something I have always wanted since high school, but I've never really brought myself into having one. Recently, I have came across this really pretty feather print, and I thought it would be a perfect pattern for an inner wrist tattoo. Now that I have a preliminary pattern, I worry abt having something so permanent on my body. I guess I need a lot of thorough thinking, and I feel like I need approval from my family at least. I wouldn't want to do something to my body and not have my family support me. But, look at the beautiful feather, it will look super good.

Anyhow, even if I've set my mind on having one, it will be a 12 months wait because the tattoo guru is so popular that the waiting time is at least 1 year. She is definitely worth the wait though. Her works are amazingly nice. You got to see it yourself.

Just a little blabble I want to make. Ciao.

Love, Christy

September 21, 2011

Je ne sais pas ...

feeel like listening to something light
I love love love Joyce Jonathan's tune
It's so cute and bubbly


September 19, 2011

August Shoes Purchase

Hi guys, 

Here are the most recent shoe purchases I have made. 
 I have to say they are probably the best purchases in 2011. 
 These shoes can be worn all year round and are super super easy to mix-n-match with anything. 

 1. Taoma F. Black Stretchy "Flat" - the whole shoe is made from lamb leather and is stretchy; therefore, it fits your feet like a glove. This pair also has a hidden 1 inch heel; it makes you look taller without ppl knowing you are wearing heels. I was wearing this all day long on saturday, and my feet didn't hurt a bit. Great purchase!!

2. Fabio Rusconi Black Peeptoe Ankle Boot - I just figured that I have became Fabio Rusconi's biggest fan this season. I have already bought two shoes from their collection this August. This pair is a 3 inches peep toe ankle boot. It's somewhat similar to the A.Wang ankle boot from last season. However, this pair is about 1.5 inches shorter than the A.Wang one which makes it so much easier to walk in. This pair goes well with basically anything since it's so stylish yet subtle. I also got this at an outlet, and it was 70% off. Such a great deal~ 

3. Fabio Rusconi Buckle Creeper - This pair of creeper from Fabio Rusconi isn't that high and couldn't possibly be considered as a flatform. This could be paired with knits, skirts, dresses (mini or maxi) if you are the girly type. I always figure that it is best to match some gothic items (creepers or skull patterns) with lace, mesh or knits. If one pairs this creeper with a mesh top with maxi skirt, the girly factor of the mesh can soften up the rocker side of the creeper making the whole outfit more wearable for girls who are not very rocker-ish or gothic. 

So.. here is a brief description of the shoes I have bought recently. The nxt post would be about the famous Clarisonic Mia.


Mia has arrived !!!

Hi guys, my Mia has arrived this morning. And I am charging it right now~ I am told that I have to charge it for 24 hours before using. After that I will doing a little review and brief description on the Mia.

Other than the Mia that I have just talked about, I have a few recent shoe purchases I want to share with you guys. I cannot post up any picture until I have my camera battery to charge up. =D So, stay tuned.


September 16, 2011

Clarisonic Mia

I have just made a purchase of the Clarisonic Mia on I am super excited about this purchase because recently I have been getting a lot of breakouts on my chin and I can't wait to try out this cleansing brush so my face can go back to spotless and acnefree.

I have been reading a lot of good reviews on the clarisonic brushes: both the original big head one and the smaller, more portable Mia version. Since storage area in my bathroom is quite limited at the moment, I decided to buy the Mia one to try out first. At skincarerx, there are quite a number of colours you can choose from. I got the Red one which I adore to death. Any electronics I get are either black, white or red.  Honestly, the red looks so much better than the white one in this case.

The kit comes with a MIA, a sensitive brush head, a gentle cleanser, and a charger with US plug. It's USD 140.00. If you use the coupon code SKIN10 or PACK10, you will be able to get 10% off the entire bill. I also got an extra brush head which is designed for deep cleansing purposes so I can clean up and remove those debris around my forehead, nose, and chin area.

The package will probably arrive on monday since the delivery takes about 1-3 days. I will do an unboxing post on the MIA once I have my hands on it.


September 05, 2011

Wrap-up on August 2011

Yes. I have basically not updated anything in the whole month of August because I was too overwhelmed with work, work and work. To make the long story short, I was going through a lot of stress and at last, resigned. So here I am, jobless yet happy~~~

There were quite a number of sad events that took place in August. I can conclude that August was the worst month out of 2011. I will not go into depth for each events. However, I have come into realization that we should all live for the moment. If something you feel isn't right, then it's probably not for you. Sometimes, it's a good thing to follow what your heart says.

 On a happier note, the new blackberry bold is launching in HongKong this friday. YES, I am going to get it ON Friday. I seriously canNOT wait. I have been looking around for cases and screen protectors already. This is how obsessed I am. ~

Love, Christy