December 14, 2013

discontinue of domain

If someone is actually still reading this, you might have known that has been discontinued. I just don't find the need to own a domain anymore. I need to pay for it too. Two years ago, I really tried owning a site, tried real hard to get views, thinking I could be the next famous blogger or something. Naive me. I know my material ain't good enough to make me famous. Eventually, I just lost the passion and excitement for it. Sooner or later, I don't update anymore. That's me. Anyways, I will keep this blog going. Maybe going to share some of my experience with life, love, family. Blah..... See you soon~ Christy

April 02, 2013

Common, Simple, Beautiful

Describe exactly how I feel. I can't wait to get back.. back to the common simple beautiful way.

March 25, 2013

I wish...

I wish Zara carries size 35 shoes. I feel I am missing out a lot !!! =(

March 15, 2013

My silver linings playbook

alright. I am back to blogging. I feel like I should stop hiding and do what I used to enjoy doing. I had been in misery for the past year. I started hating, criticising, nagging, complaining. I did all the negative things. I cried a lot. And even lately, I get into a mood swing really easily. I know that my work and my whole idea of planning the future are bringing me down a lot. I feel discouraged and vulnerable at times. My body aches all the time and my shoulders felt like they have thousand pounds of weight on them. I had a little angry monster inside me all these times.

Tonight I came home. Suddenly, the light in my room is a lot brighter. I asked if someone changed the lightbulb for me, and it was a "no". Maybe I have reached the end of the tunnel. I am beginning to see things in a brighter perspective. Who knows.

However, I do realize I cannot plan too far ahead and get paranoid when I am uncertain about things. I will take everything step by step. So right now, I need to get back in shape. Find an exercise buddy and work my ass off. Shake those body aches off. By then, I will probably feel way better about myself.

So, this blog won't be much a review blog of beauty / fashion anymore. Fashion is still a big passion of mine. I will never give that up. It's just there are so much more to life than just clothes and handbags. And I want to see myself change; stop being dependent on material things and be happy about making achievements.

I hope the little angry monster can go away forever. I want to be that happy carefree girl again. I want to smile big for him.

March 14, 2013


so so so so.. I just got my delivery!! The goodies inside have made me forgotten about my horrible experience with FedEx. As you already know by the title, PRINTSTAGRAM TIME - photo printing service from instagram pictures. I went for the most basic 4X4 square prints. They are 12 USD per pack in which they print 24 pictures. Basically you can choose 24 pictures out of your instagram account. 

Lets talk about the goodies. They are printed on very high quality hard matte paper. The prints are very precise and colour is crisp. I just love them.. YES I LOVE THEM!!!!!! best bought ever. best bought for the whole 2013. It doesn't take that much money to buy happiness afterall. By the way, it only took them like 12 hours to ship out my prints! Crazy speedy service!

They do not only print photos, they do make photo frames, tiny books and a lot more. So there are plenty of products for you to choose from!

Do check them out. They are currently getting started as a company. Let's show our support!!
Link >>

February 20, 2013

Fcuk this world

This world is making me really angry.
Some people are just plain stupid but they think they know the world. I just pity them.