October 28, 2011

Tablo - Bad(나쁘다)

I am sooooo addicted to this song right now~ 
I could listen to it all day long!
However, I don't really get the meaning of the MV.
If someone could enlighten me a little, that would be great.

PS. I am experiencing a very bad breakout right now. Won't be doing any beauty product reviews for awhile since I can't use anything on my face because it's too effin' sensitive for anything. 


October 24, 2011

Blog Sale

I will not be doing individual blog sale posts anymore. What I will do now is keep adding new items to a separate page for blog sale. You guys can go to this link or click on the "blog sale button" at the top of this site. 

October 20, 2011

Movie Downloads

A lot of my friends have been asking me where I download high quality movies if I've missed it when they were airing in theatre. I usually "get" them from urgrove.


They have a huge selection of movies that are BRrip @ 800MB. The new ones that have just been released in blueray or DVD are most likely on that site already. What I love about urgrove is that they upload their split files on mediafire. If one is a regular downloader, they will know that only mediafire allows multiple files download occurring at the same time. A whole movie download will take about 30 - 45 minutes depending on your internet's speed. It's so much faster than BT download.

So, take a look there if you want. However, download at your own risk.


October 17, 2011

Dermalogica Clean Start

I was talking to my friend and she said I haven't been posting anything regarding beauty products or skincare. Today, I might as well do one because I just ordered myself three products under Dermalogica Clean Start Line.

Clean Start is targeted for teenagers who have acne prone skin. Some products out there which claim to cure acne usually aim for adult and matured skins. Since the oil glands are much more active for teenagers due to their unstable hormone change, teenagers are prone to having acne than adults. Moreover, teenagers are more likely to jump from products to product, in search of the perfect acne remedy; they often forget that some products might irritate their skin more causing severe skin problems. Clean Start is a separate line designed by Dermalogica, a very well known brand developed by international dermal institues. Clean Start is guaranteed to give best results in curing teenage acnes.

The slogan of Clean start is 1. get skin clean 2. take on issue 3. protect skin. There are 3 products that have received a lot of good reviews online in people's blogs or reviews in online skincare product stores: "wash off" cleanser, "hit the spot" acne spot treatment, and "brighten up" daily moisturizer.

Enough about what clean start is. I want to tell you guys about my painful shopping experience for clean start products. I was sent from skincarerx with some samples of "hit the spot" and "brighten up"; I immediately fell in love because of how fast my pimple decreases in size/dries up after I tried the samples. So I quickly went online to see where I can get these products. I found out that sasa in Hong Kong carries them. Then I went to at least 5 sasa in HongKong and found out that clean start has been discontinued in HongKong. *frown* I felt so defeated thinking that my acne problem will never be cured. Then it striked me that I totally forgot to look online. It took me days to find a store that would ship to HongKong with reasonable shipping fee!!!! I was so tempted to grab the ones on ebay, but unfortunately, most of them don't ship to HongKong as well. (So don't bother looking if you are in Asia.) Today, I landed on Dailygrooming Ltd. Their shipping fee seem to be the most reasonable out of all the online stores I've looked. ALSO!!! they are having a little sale with their Clean Start product. So, the rest you know. I couldn't resist buying from them. Now, all I need to do is wait for the products to arrive. Try out for a week and get back to you guys with a thorough review. I promise.

Anyways, this has been a long post.

EDIT 2011-10-17 11:47PM : (^___^)


October 13, 2011


I would like to take a minutes of your time and talk about a very meaningful project.

I have recently came across this website called kiva.com. This website gathers a community of kind-hearted people and gets them to loan to the entrepreneurs in the developing countries so they could start their own business and begin to live their new lives. Kiva - Loans that change lives - promotes a loan as little as USD 25 can empower the lives of a single individual or even his/her family.

I have gathered a few friends to look into the project. We stumbled upon a guy named Davit Davtyan. He is doctor in Armenia. Unfortunately, his salary as a doctor is too low to cover all the expenses needed for his family. Thus, he needs to start his business as a farmer; he needs to cultivate the land and keep livestocks around his home. He is now asking for a loan of USD3000 from Kiva so that he can purchase forages and fertilizers for his crops. You can view his detailed portfolio here >>> http://www.kiva.org/lend/333785 .

If you have decided to help Davit by donating USD 25.00, please leave a message in the comment section below and telling me that you will donate and how much you will be donating. The donation procedure is fairly simple. You only need to sign up with kiva with your facebook account and donate through paypal.

Thank you so much for your attention.
Remember, it is always more blessed to give than to receive.
Please help Davit.

YOU CAN also visit our youtube channel to see our group of friends who joined this donation activity!


October 06, 2011

Blog Sale

I am thinking I should do a blog sale since there are a lot of stuff that I won't be wearing anymore and are sitting in my closet prob because I don't fit into them anymore or I have grown out of that style.
I have practically a lot of shoes that have been worn once and are still in perfect conditions. However, they are all in size5. I will probably put them up on ebay as well. I have a few pairs of Dr. Martens I want to sell. If you are interested, you can comment below.

As for the clothing, I will only sell the ones that are still in style and in good condition. Some are starting to break apart and look worn out, those I will just dump them into garbage or send them to charity.

However, don't anticipate that the sale will be up within a week or two because I will be super busy in October. Sorting out items for sale and taking pictures, writing descriptions for them will take a super long time. Also, I need to figure out the shipping costs and if I will be shipping internationally. But, I will try to post some before 2011 ends.