July 08, 2008

letting go

sometimes everything is about letting go.
letting go of your fear, you can accomplish more.
letting go of your pride, you can see more around you.
letting go of your ambitions, you can reach satisfaction easier.
letting go of your discrimination, you can love more.
letting go of your identity, you can accept more of the indifference.

sometimes, when someone comes to the point of letting go of his life, or his love, or his religion, or his family, he can lose a lot.

throughout our lives, we have to decide what is worth letting go and what is not. find the balance between them and for sure, we can live as a better person with a more positive perspective on life.

May 02, 2008


可以on time graduate 啦。
我都好proud of myself 呀。

April 26, 2008

april 25th

why do some ppl juss wont give up? when someone rejects u... then u should juss move on with ur life.. fuck. some ppl are soooooo annoying.... call u numerous times when u dunt pick up.. knock on ur door when u dunt answer.. i dunno wass next... prob follow us around until we respond?

on a happier note.. i got the sandals i wanted. and the two pairs of flats i was loooking at yesterday... =) and the most impt thing it's ... they all haf my size.. hahaha.. =P

April 23, 2008

in love with blogging

I have been in love with this blogging business ever since high school. It started with asianavenue. then xanga.. then sinablog. but suddenly I stopped blogging for two years. the reason being is that I thought it would be too dangerous for anonymous ppl out there to know what is going on in my life and what I was thinking and behaving like. but i m back now. there is no particular reason why i wanna blog again. it's just sometimes i need a way to express myself to others. maybe this is a good way to do it.

i dunt think i trust anyone enough so that i will tell them my real thought n feelings. maybe telling random ppl who read this might just have the same effect of telling someone i know. i m just in need of spilling out words.

how advanced this world has become. everyone is just one blog/ one email/ one msg/ one sms away. technology has just brought everyone so close. sometimes i feel like i know a lot of u out there. but physically i do not. i might have stumbled upon blogs of many. thought i have known them well. however, when i do see them in person, i act like i dunno any of them. i think this works the same in reverse. this whole blogging business is a big pile of confusion. you blog here with the purpose of letting others to read.. then again .. when someone visits ur blog too often. you call them stalkers. and of coz. stalkers is not too nice of a word. maybe he or she is just someone who is also going thru what u r experiencing right now. he or she might not particularly be qualified as a stalker.

wutever... stalker. friends.. wutever. they are all the same to me now. they are juss ppl i happen to encounter on this life journey of mine. of coz u might think. do i haf any friends? yes i do. in fact i know quite a lot of people. but i prob only got a hand full of true friends. and they are most likely not reading this. because by all means i do not need to tell them my feelings thru blogging. i can tell them thru my eyes and they will know..

April 22, 2008

bored of studying

omg. i m really bored with studying right now. altho i know this is gonna be my last exam for my entire life (considering that i will not go back to school in the future), i m really running out of energy. i needa stay focus and work.. but there are soo manee distractions out there. facebook. tv shows. food. i really need to overcome my 心散ness... i haf been saying this for the past 19 years.. i still haf not change. too late to change anyways.. it's my last exam already..
argh. i hate cramming.. f*ck..
and can someone please drag him out of my head.. this is driving me crazy 0__0