May 04, 2011

Recent LipStick Purchase

BELOW shows the recent lipstick I have bought. I have been craving for orange lips lately. So I got one from MAC and one from Giorgio Armani. Also, I have bought a dark plum colour at MAC which I absolutely adore! The colours are shown below. (ALSO, sorry for the flaky lips)

Left to right : ROUGE d'ARMANI 405 ; MAC MORANGE ; MAC HANG-UP

The ROUGE d'ARMANI 405 has little tint of glitter and gives good shine. It's also very long lasting. However, this colour is not as orangey as the MAC MORANGE. It has a bit more red to it. But if you looking for a sharp colour lipstick for this summer. I highly recommend this shade. 

The MAC Hang-Up is the dark plum colour I got. I love the colour but find it not as solid as I would prefer. The formula is creamy and a bit watery, so thats why I am guessing the colour seems to be a bit transparent. I definitely needed to re-apply for a more penetrated shade. 

The MAC MORANGE is a more static orange shade. The colour is very outstanding and the thick creaming texture made the colour stands out even more. There is actually less shine to this shade. Also, I find the colour not as vivid if I did not apply a peach colour base. So it's best to have a base of some sort to make the colour stand out more. This is also a very gooood colour for the summertime. It goes well with a simple white tee + jeans shorts. 

For all these vivid shades, it's best to keep your eyes simple with nude eyeshadows (some highlighting) or simple winged eyeliner. Just a recommendation from me. 



I have been away since forever because I was very caught up with school. I even had to quit my job because I was too busy. Anyways, I will be back with some reviews soon. Since I have been trying out some new products lately (both skin care and makeup).
Stay tuned.

PS. on the side note, I have decided to grow my hair. Well I don't mean to grow it very long, maybe just a bob.

♡ Christy