November 22, 2011

modelsown Xmas Gift Box

Hi gals, 

As you can see, models own's xmas store is open. I got myself a very early xmas present: ultimate polish set for 50 pounds. I get to choose 15 different  (or same) nail polishes from the models own nail polish collection. 

This is what I got; I'll let the pictures talk.  

Top Row: Pink Fizz, Blooboo, Nude Beige, Cherry Pie, Red n Black

Middle Row: Blue Lagoon, Beth's Blue, Purple Grey, Magenta Divine, Magenta Pearl

Bottom Row: Base & Top Gloss, Lilac Dream, Emerald Black Beetle Juice, Betty Blue, Raseberry Crush

Until Next Time. 


November 17, 2011

Gmarket shopping guidelines

Yesterday, I have made my first purchase from gmarket. Before turning to gmarket, I was a very loyal customer to From time to time, I would order from stores that sell "made in korea" clothing and/or accessories because the quality of the products are so much better. However, I realized that these stores could be selling a lot more than the original price of the products. Also, it usually takes a month for the product to reach my hands which means I always have to order ahead because what could fit the weather now will not fit for the weather in one month. You might ask why it would take so long for the products to be shipped out. Usually in korea, the suppliers would take care of the domestic orders first and deal with the oversea orders later. The chinese merchants usually have to wait awhile before the korean suppliers ship out their orders from Korea. Sometimes, you are unlucky, some styles will go out of stock for the chinese merchants because stocks have been all sold to local merchants. 

So I figured why do I have to wait and go thru all those annoying procedures to get something from korea through taobao if I could order straight from the supplier on gmarket. Even if you are an oversea customer from gmarket, korean suppliers will see your order as a domestic buyer because they only have to ship to the gmarket warehouse. They will give your order priority over the ordes made from the taobao merchants. Gmarket, after receiving all your goods in the order, will combine all your products and ship out to your oversea address. Of course you will need to pay a little shipping fee, but it won't cost a fortune, and it's usually a little amount comparing to the amount you are paying for the products you are buying. 

Some people might worry abt shopping on gmarket because everything's in korean. You need not to worry because there is an English version of gmarket now. However, one thing that you should all be aware of is that some promotions or sales are only available for the korean version of gmarket and not available for the english version. Their server recognizes you as a foreigner if you choose to browse around the english version of gmarket. AND just like all other countries, Korea wants to provide the best deal to their locals; so this is understandable. If you really want the deals and can't understand korean, I advice you to use google translator. Also, make sure that there is a little "blue airplane" icon on the product viewing page to make sure that the seller are willing to ship oversea. 

My first experience with gmarket was quite pleasant. I used the english version because I wanted to save the hassle of loading google translator and the webpage at the same time because gmarket is already quite slow at loading. Since I have tried buying clothes from korea numerous times already, I don't worry about their quality. Regarding their shipping time, I made an order last night around 9pm and 1 product out of 9 items has been shipping out already (it's now 2:55pm the next day); 3 products are expected to be shipped out tomorrow. I suspect the whole order to be shipped out from gmarket warehouse next week. I have to say I am impressed with how fast Korean ppl work. 

I will later on do a post and show you guys some pieces I have bought from gmarket and comment on its overall service. Stay tuned. 


November 06, 2011

the saem - Gem Miracle W Pearl Beam Cream

Hi Lovelies, thanks for dropping by again. This time, I am doing a review on a moisturizer that I've bought recently. I have used this cream for about a week already, and I have seen great improvement on the condition of my skin.

Two weeks ago, my skin was breaking out severely. I got a lot of acne scar around the nose area and on my chin. I was soo frustrated because none of my moisturizers did any good at removing those scars. On top of that, they were causing my skin to break out even more. 

The acne cream I used is clean start 'hit the spot'. It does a great job in calming the acne and controlling it. However, my skin was in such a horrible condition that other unusual places start getting break out also. I guess my skin was getting very sensitive to whatever I was using. So I stopped any moisturizers or serum for a week. Then my skin started cracking because it was soo dry. Then I had to go back to using my usual hydrating cream, but my break out came back. AHH~ I literally went crazy. 

Then I remember how my skin is always better with korean skincare. So I went to a place in Causeway Bay and asked the sales lady to recommend me a moisturizer. I wanted one that could help me eliminate my scars and at the same time does not irritate my skin. She recommended me this Beam cream from the saem. She told me that this brand has been selling in Korea for years. She gave me a little to try on the back of my hands.. I immediately fell in love because the texture and formula is exactly the same as the EGF cream that was carried by Dr. G (however unfortunately has been discontinued). So I decided to give it a try since it's not expensive (HKD 260 for 50ml).

As you can see, the packaging is super clean, and the container is sooooo prettty!!! The cream is lightly scented. I have been using it for a week already, and my skin no longer goes out of control. The scars are slowly fading. I am so glad I have found it since my skin has become very sensitive to US or euro branded skincare, and God knows the reason why. 

That's it for my review. I hope this will help those who are currently in the same situation as me. See u'all nxt time. Also, if you have tried other the saem products, please share with me and tell me how it goes.... 


November 01, 2011


Headbands are really growing on me.. 
I know these are some crazy looking headbands.. 
BUT aren't they sooo cute~ 
EXAGGERATION is my belief.