October 06, 2011

Blog Sale

I am thinking I should do a blog sale since there are a lot of stuff that I won't be wearing anymore and are sitting in my closet prob because I don't fit into them anymore or I have grown out of that style.
I have practically a lot of shoes that have been worn once and are still in perfect conditions. However, they are all in size5. I will probably put them up on ebay as well. I have a few pairs of Dr. Martens I want to sell. If you are interested, you can comment below.

As for the clothing, I will only sell the ones that are still in style and in good condition. Some are starting to break apart and look worn out, those I will just dump them into garbage or send them to charity.

However, don't anticipate that the sale will be up within a week or two because I will be super busy in October. Sorting out items for sale and taking pictures, writing descriptions for them will take a super long time. Also, I need to figure out the shipping costs and if I will be shipping internationally. But, I will try to post some before 2011 ends.


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