March 14, 2013


so so so so.. I just got my delivery!! The goodies inside have made me forgotten about my horrible experience with FedEx. As you already know by the title, PRINTSTAGRAM TIME - photo printing service from instagram pictures. I went for the most basic 4X4 square prints. They are 12 USD per pack in which they print 24 pictures. Basically you can choose 24 pictures out of your instagram account. 

Lets talk about the goodies. They are printed on very high quality hard matte paper. The prints are very precise and colour is crisp. I just love them.. YES I LOVE THEM!!!!!! best bought ever. best bought for the whole 2013. It doesn't take that much money to buy happiness afterall. By the way, it only took them like 12 hours to ship out my prints! Crazy speedy service!

They do not only print photos, they do make photo frames, tiny books and a lot more. So there are plenty of products for you to choose from!

Do check them out. They are currently getting started as a company. Let's show our support!!
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