September 22, 2011

feather t a t t o o.

A tattoo is something I have always wanted since high school, but I've never really brought myself into having one. Recently, I have came across this really pretty feather print, and I thought it would be a perfect pattern for an inner wrist tattoo. Now that I have a preliminary pattern, I worry abt having something so permanent on my body. I guess I need a lot of thorough thinking, and I feel like I need approval from my family at least. I wouldn't want to do something to my body and not have my family support me. But, look at the beautiful feather, it will look super good.

Anyhow, even if I've set my mind on having one, it will be a 12 months wait because the tattoo guru is so popular that the waiting time is at least 1 year. She is definitely worth the wait though. Her works are amazingly nice. You got to see it yourself.

Just a little blabble I want to make. Ciao.

Love, Christy

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