September 19, 2011

August Shoes Purchase

Hi guys, 

Here are the most recent shoe purchases I have made. 
 I have to say they are probably the best purchases in 2011. 
 These shoes can be worn all year round and are super super easy to mix-n-match with anything. 

 1. Taoma F. Black Stretchy "Flat" - the whole shoe is made from lamb leather and is stretchy; therefore, it fits your feet like a glove. This pair also has a hidden 1 inch heel; it makes you look taller without ppl knowing you are wearing heels. I was wearing this all day long on saturday, and my feet didn't hurt a bit. Great purchase!!

2. Fabio Rusconi Black Peeptoe Ankle Boot - I just figured that I have became Fabio Rusconi's biggest fan this season. I have already bought two shoes from their collection this August. This pair is a 3 inches peep toe ankle boot. It's somewhat similar to the A.Wang ankle boot from last season. However, this pair is about 1.5 inches shorter than the A.Wang one which makes it so much easier to walk in. This pair goes well with basically anything since it's so stylish yet subtle. I also got this at an outlet, and it was 70% off. Such a great deal~ 

3. Fabio Rusconi Buckle Creeper - This pair of creeper from Fabio Rusconi isn't that high and couldn't possibly be considered as a flatform. This could be paired with knits, skirts, dresses (mini or maxi) if you are the girly type. I always figure that it is best to match some gothic items (creepers or skull patterns) with lace, mesh or knits. If one pairs this creeper with a mesh top with maxi skirt, the girly factor of the mesh can soften up the rocker side of the creeper making the whole outfit more wearable for girls who are not very rocker-ish or gothic. 

So.. here is a brief description of the shoes I have bought recently. The nxt post would be about the famous Clarisonic Mia.


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