November 11, 2010

10 random things

I am going to write 10 random things about myself. Hopefully in great details.... By the end of this, I hope you and I can understand me better.

1. I like winter. I definitely prefer winter over all other seasons. Has anyone realized that fall is not as equally important as all other seasons? Fall is used to being neglected, so I will also leave him out. So why winter? Winter breeze, winter rain makes me clear-headed. I become more logical, and I spend more time thinking about life; most calculations and thoughts tend to work out better during wintertime also. However, I have a habit of feeling lonely (VERY) lonely when winter's here, but my logical mind helps me overcome such feelings.

2. I actually don't like Tiramisu. How the heck did everyone came up with the idea that Tiramisu is my favourite. I mean, I wouldn't mind it, BUT liking it? NOPE! I would prefer raspberry chocolate mousse. If you are planning to get me a birthday cake, please skip tiramisu.

3. I prefer drinking over eating. I just think eating takes too much time and effort; as simple as that. So what drinks do I like? TEA! any kind of tea. mocha. coke. beer. lemon soju. bellinis.

4. I am a chaotic shopaholic. I CAN'T STOP BUYING.

5. When I am in love, I am in love. I hate it when I am in love though because it worries the people around me. I neglect all shortcomings and focus on the good side of him. But I think I've grown not to do that anymore. I should say I have become less emotionally driven now. WHY? because I've aged and have gone through quite a bit in the past. I guess I have learned from my mistakes.

6. I am extremely LOST right now. in terms of work, relationship, future, blah blah blah. I can't think too far ahead because I simply am not capable of doing that. I am also worried to the max, but I know worrying won't do much good. But how can I not think of what I have to do to make my life better?

7. I am not the most serious person you will meet, but I am not very easy-going either.

8. I suddenly feel like everything I do is wrong. I am starting to lack confidence in what I do or choose. I feel like I won't be choosing the right job or the right guy. Where has my confidence gone to?

9. I don't know how to date anymore. I went through 2 years of long distance relationship. What's normal dating like now? I don't want to ruin my next one.

10. I am a VERY emo person but my face never shows it as I only show one face. A laughing face. If you can read me, thank God, you are my true friend and I will love you until the world ends.