November 09, 2010


Question: How do I make Europe out from Asia? I always think it's highly impossible without the trees, the rivers and THE ART! The longer I stay here in Hong Kong, the more I see how the mind, the art and the fashion are so constrained in some sense. People follow what is popular in the main stream and forgot about bringing their own personality to the table. In western world, people are more keen on expressing themselves in which I find myself more able to fit into. What's wrong with big red hair and bold red lips? I hate getting all the stares just because I look different.

I am so happy that there are people here who are trying to bring about new ideas into the society; however, the voices of these people seems to be very weak. Fashion does not necessary mean luxury brand and buying with a lot of money. I certainly do not believe that. But of course, with good quality clothing, we all need to pay a price for that. But, if we all engineer our thoughts and passion into what we wear, we could be bring Europe into Asia...

But something that can never happen here: free shipping program in ASOS