June 30, 2011

Sleek Makeup Little Haul

Hi guys,

My package from Sleek Makeup has arrived. I figured I will make a post on the stuff that were in the package. First, there are two True Colour Lipsticks: Matte Stiletto and Sheen Coral Reef.

The Matte Stiletto is very similar to the Nars Matte Red lipstick that I had. The colour is quite similar; however, this is about half the price of the one I got at Nars. Definitely a good deal! So to have that perfect red lip with the Matte Stiletto, you can youtube the tutorials. There are tons! I don't think I will need to re-do what people did already.

The Coral Reef is kind of like a watermelon colour. It's definitely nice for summertime. I personally like the Coral Reef better because the formula is more moisturized since it's sheen based. To let the colour standout, I would recommend using a peachy lipliner for the base.

Stiletto & Coral Reef

Second, there is a mineral based eyeshadow palette in STORM 578. This palette is good for everyday natural makeup because it consists of a lot of base colours like nude, brown and black. 

The packaging is a little bit crappy, but that's ok. The quality of the eyeshadow is definitely very good for a drugstore standard. The eyeshadows are very true to colour and are vivid. 

In this palette, there are 3 matte colours and 9 shimmery colours.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little review on SleekMakeup's products.
Next time when I see you guys, it will be my clip-in hair extension review post. 

BTW, my order from BARNEYS had also arrived. LOVING my new sandals to every bits and pieces. 

Until next time.
With Love, Christy

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