June 22, 2011

Barneys NY's on SALE

Hello everyone,

Exciting news, and some of you might have known.
Barneys' on sale at the moment.
Although I am not physically in New York right now, I totally wish I am, its online store is holding a sale for some selective items. Most of the things are either out of most sizes or are just last season items. I am sure anyone can find something he/she likes.

With my very small feet, I was only able to hunt down one pair of sandals at 50% off. There are a few pairs that I absolutely love but cannot get because they are simply too big. I am seriously having this love-hate relationship with Barneys right now. I figured I might as well share with you guys some of the items that I wish to get but cannot.

The first one is the sandal by 3.1 Phillip Lim. Only size 8 and 8.5 are left. What I really love about this sandal is that it almost goes well with everything. Plain white tee with jeans would work. A nice long maxi dress would work. Right now, it's selling at 229.00 USD. You can click on the image below if you are interested; it will bring you directly to barneys' link.

The second one would be this lovely elegant looking sandal by Loeffler Randall Rowena. This is currently selling at 179.00 USD with size 6, 6.5, and 8.5 left. I have to say, this is a VERY GOOD DEAL. The black lace ruffles gives a sense of elegance and romance. I would pair this with a maxi dress or a silky maxi skirt with a beige/nude top. Again, jeans would work too. 

The last one is this cute sandal from Opening Ceremony. This pair I have actually seen with my naked eyes in Lane Crawford a few months ago. The satin blue and black ruffles are sooooo soft that you cannot get your hands off them. I decided not to get them because I wasn't looking for sandal at that time, and I was on a budget. I was sooo excited to see it on sale at Barneys, but only size 9 was left. I was again left disappointed. So this cute pair is selling at 289.00 USD right now. Grab them before they go!

That's about it for today. I am not going to post any handbags or clothings because I figured that if I do that, my post will become too long. LOL~ I am sure there are a lot of good deals in the handbag section; I have skimmed through my favourite designers handbag, and the prices are quite appealing. However, I've promised myself that I could only buy a certain amount each month. So, no handbags for me. 

To check out their sales for handbags, click here

With Love, Christy

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