June 01, 2011

Lie to Me - 2011 Korean Drama

Hello. Aside from cosmetics, clothes, music, I want to talk about my favourite pass-time event of all times - watching k-drama. Just 3 weeks ago, SBS has released a drama called "Lie to me" starring Yoon eun-hye (My favourite korean actress of all times) and Kang JiHwan. This story is about a turning-to-be 30-year-old Adminstrative Officer (Kong AhJung) at the Ministry of Culture lying to her friend about her getting married to a president (Hyun KiJoon) of World Hotel. The reason for AhJung's lies was to get back at her friend who stole her first love during high school. More lies are told to cover up the lies said before. Eventually, the president of World Hotel found out. However, as rumours spread, AhJung and KiJoon fall in love with each other... But of course, there will be obstacles that both of them have to overcome. We will see how this story leads us to.

Currently, episode 8 was just aired today. And I am refreshing the steaming site every sec for the episode with subs to be released. @.@ Sometimes, I am very frustrated about the korean drama schedule/timeable. Why only air twice a week? I don't understand. It will take forever to finish a drama. I would much prefer the system in TVB where they air thru monday to friday. Anyways, I can't wait to see how the story turns out. AhJung and JiKoon have already exchanged a kiss on last week's episode. The pace in this story sure is fast!!!!

Trailer with Eng. Sub.


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