March 08, 2011

POTD1 - Purchase of the day 1

Alright. So I will start my first POTD (not photo of the day but instead purchase of the day). If I buy more than two beauty items, I will do one POTD. But I purchase less than two items, I will gather a bunch of stuff before doing one. 

SO! today, I made a trip to fresh, kiehl's and NARS. Before heading to the stores, I already had in mind what I need to get. Recently, the impulse shopping genes have left me. I usually make a purchase after many many days or even weeks of consideration unless it's an essential item which I need to get. Below shows the purchase I've made today =D 

With the face cleanser and the moisturizer, I can only give a review probably after a few or even a month of usage. Since my skin might give a reaction to the new products, so it's better for me to give a review after some time so my opinions can be unbiased. 

The lip colour I chose is 3506 VERSUVIO which is a matte classic red. The reason why I chose a matte formula is my love for matte colours. There is no specific reason why. I like matte because of its low profile outlook, but yes, I am kind of contradicting myself here because this is a very bold red. But I've always wanted to get a red lipstick but I didn't want to make it too out-spoken. So I went for matte ones.

The above pictures have been photoshopped so the colours are true to the original.

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