March 04, 2011

BBB - Blemish Balm Battle

Today's topic is BB cream. I have only tried three different types of BB cream, and all of them are originated from Korea. Although it is claimed that BB cream has become a great alternative for foundation, I believe that foundation is still better coverage-wise and function-wise. Also, I tend to have more break outs with consecutive usage of bb cream.

There are research claiming that bb cream having a tendency to clog pores for some people and I happen to be one of them. There are also cosmetologists who do not recommend bb cream because they say it takes double the time and double the amount of makeup remove for a thorough removal of bb cream than regular liquid foundation. I am not saying that you should at all eliminate using bb cream; however, I do not recommend consecutive usage. Probably once every few days when you are feeling lazy and do not want to do a full face foundation. And when you do use bb cream, be sure to remove thoroughly to avoid break out.

I will be introducing three types of bb cream in this post.
1. Skin 79 Diamond Collection BB
2. Gowoonsesang Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm
3. Dr. G Beyond Young Bling Bling Cream (which I have introduced in a former post)

As you can see from the above picture, Dr. G Beyond Young Bling Bling Cream gives a pinker shade while Skin79 giving a darker shade. Hydra Intensive BB on the other hand gives a matte and more natural result.

Just like its name, bling bling cream contains a tiny amount of glitter in which gives a shimmering effect under sunlight. This bb cream will make your skin look younger and richer because of its shimmering result. I personally think this formula is better for summertime since it's quite dry but it's tolerable.

The hydra intensive BB is great for wintertime because it makes sure your skin is moisturized. I like this bb cream because the smell is pleasant and it gives a great natural look with good coverage. However, I got very oily with this bb cream.

The Skin79 BB Diamond - I totally do not recommend. The smell is gross. My forehead and nose area become greasy very fast. The shade is too dark for me. I just do not recommend. But this formula is the most watery one out of the three which made blending so much easier.

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