March 15, 2011

Korean idol group SECRET's Ji Eun's new hair

Honestly, I am digging this hair colour: Turquoise blue with purple highlights. But can I pull off a hair colour like this? Probably, however, thats not the major point. The thing is, I am no celebrity and if I carry such hair when I go out, I will for sure grab a lot of unwanted attention. It would be annoying to have all eyes on me and I don't like that honestly. I guess thats the only fun part of being a celebrity because you can change your hair to any colour you want and not worrying about looking like a freak. 

So instead of going blue, I bought a hairdye to go GREY... but I won't be using it until I take out my extensions next month. By then, I will post a review on the results =D 

♡ christy

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