March 03, 2011

Review on Chanel foundation compact & concealer

Hello, I am going to do a review on a recent purchase of concealer and powder foundation compact. They are both from Chanel. 

The foundation Compact comes with a brush and a sponge. It says that the brush will give a translucent result where as the sponge application will give a natural coverage result. Therefore, usually what I do is use a sponge to apply to areas where I've applied concealer then use the brush to lightly apply the foundation onto the remaining part of the face. I've been using this compact for a week already. Before I used the loose powder by bobbi brown which cracks occasionally under the eye area because my under-eye area tend to dehydrate faster (just like everyone else). However, this compact from chanel can actually keep my under eye area wrinkle-free for hours. Also, the powder is fine enough to give good coverage. I would totally recommend it. For previous times, I've tried the foundation compact from Armani, shisedo and bobbi brown. This one is by far the best I've used. I am paler asian, so I was recommended to use the B10 Beige which is the 2nd lightest shade in the chanel collection. 

So moving onto the Lift Lumière Eye Contour Concealer from Chanel. I have to give it a HAPPY FACE =D. This concealer is natural looking. Although its coverage isn't as good as the concealing kit I've used previously from bobbi brown, this concealer is a water based formula which makes blending easier. However, the downside to water based formulas is the time and skills it takes to apply it. This concealer is in a more liquidy form whereas most concealer sold on markets are creamy; therefore, when you first apply it, I recommend you to apply a thin layer first with a brush and wait for it to dry, then apply another layer with a brush then blend it out with your ring finger.  This will give better coverage. This is a good formula for asian I think because the shade has more yellow to it which gives a more natural shading to asians. I know all about having a paler or whiter under eye when the concealer is too creamy (harder to blend) and a more paler shade. Neglect the fact that I am pale as an asian, I am still asian so there is always some yellowness in me. However, I do not know if other parts of the world are selling the same shades as in Hong Kong. But you can always check with the makeup artists at the counter and have them try out different shades for you.

So this is the longest review I've written in quite a while. Next time, I will be doing a review on 3 of the bb creams I've used. 

♡ christy

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