March 12, 2011

Big Bang X Uniqlo

Yes, I could have been soo outdated with this post (but hey, I don't go to uniqlo that often). Anyways, I was surfing around in uniqlo on a chillaxing friday afternoon. Finally no classes TONIGHT! Then, I spotted some tees with "BIGBANG SHOW" on it. I thought they have something to do with the real big bang theory. But as I walked closer, there was a picture of bigbang hanging beside the rows of tees! WOOHOO~ I then did a little dance and screamed a little. LOL~ I guess I got too carried away for a sec coz of the sudden appearance of BigBang. I have recently became very fond of Daesung and JiYong. (SMell! let's smell!) But I was dragged away after because I was late for dinner reservation. SO this is the little surprise I got today. 

When I went today, there was only 5 tee styles left, and only the grey hoodie is left. The black ones are gone already. I should have got one at least, but they are for men... ROAR~ 

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