December 18, 2010

magic shampoo

Ok, this is really off topic BUT I remember reading somewhere that there is this shampoo that Britney Spears used for faster hair growth. I am sure I wasn't dreaming! She had her hair grew 12 inches longer in 6 months, so that averages to 2 inches per month. Is that even possible? Just by using shampoo alone? Seriously, I am trying to grow my hair, and it seems like it's taking forever. My hair grows fast already, average abt 1 inch per month. But u know, the more you anticipate something to happen, the slow it comes. That's the situation I am going through right now. It's driving me nuts. Also, I am at transition phase where I either let it be ugly or cut it. I personally think I look better in short hair, well better in the stylish sense. I look more unique and I feel like more of myself. But I have had short hair for too long, I guess I needed a change. Well, if long hair is really bad and not for me, I can always cut it again. So, back to the question, is there such shampoo???

1 comment:

  1. Well, there are a lot of "so-called" fast-growth shampoos...but I haven't heard of one that really works :/ I wish I knew >^<