December 27, 2010


who colours their own hair with drugstore haircolouring kit??? I DO!!! It's cheap, convenient, and you can do it anytime you want. But what I seriously hate is the lack of colour choices that are available in HK drugstores. The red and blonde shades are lacking for obvious reasons. Asians do not look good with red hair, and our hair is too dark to reach blonde just by dyeing. To get blonde hair, we have to go through the process of bleaching (maybe two to three times if we want to go platinum). I remember back in July when I was in Vancouver thinking what colour my hair shld become... I was so caught up with all those colour choices I saw.. I decided to go red because my skin is on the fair/pale side even though I am asian. I got a bleach kit to ensure that my hair can reach as red as possible. However, the bad side is the red faded after a month and I was back in HK after that month. I regretted not buying a year of supplies when I was in Vancouver. So how did I get from being brunette to being a red head? I used the two kits below. Tomorrow morning, I will be turning my choco hair to blue black. welcome emo hair~

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