February 19, 2010

ETUDE HOUSE - Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling

waiting for it to dry

rub rub rub RUB RUB RUbbbbb

PROS / 好處
  • remove dirt and dead cells as stated (this one advantage beats all, right? coz that's the main purpose of this product) / 有效帶走死皮,角質層,污垢。
  • easy steps and quick / 快捷,容易使用
CONS / 壞處
  • dry rubbing is not fun in my opinion / 乾搓真是一點好處都沒有。
  • excess rubbing to loosen the skin / 過多乾搓還可能會令皮膚鬆弛。
  • I am not too sure about 'nourishing complexions' / 還有,招貼上的 “nourishing complexion” 工用,我真係唔知得唔得。
  • hard to pour out since the liquid form is kind of thick / 倒出來的時候有點困難。
  • oh yes.. it was quite magical !!! 
  • all the dirt (as u can see) are getting removed and skin definitely feel smoother and cleaner 
  • but I am just very concerned with the dry rubbing which could loosen the skin around the face area
  • well, there is one solution: always rub upwards not never downwards...
  • 真的在玩魔術哦。
  • 你可見到,真的有很多很多的死皮,角質層,污垢被搓走呀。
  • 但是,還是少用好一點。
  • 乾搓過多的結果就是皮膚鬆弛。
  • 唯一解決辦法就是永遠都是向上搓。

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