February 11, 2010

Laneige - Hydra Solution Mask

PROS / 好處
  • gel texture - no dripping / gel - 唔會滴滴吓
  • stick well to skin / 好貼面
  • fitted mask size and shape for asian woman / 面膜 型狀 好適合 亞洲女士
  • relatively cheap / 較同種類型面膜便宜
  • won't dry out even after 45 minutes of applying / 敷了45分鐘都無乾
CONS / 壞處
  • mask shape around nose area is not as ideal / 只是鼻位唔係咁貼
  • I love this!!! Yes, it seems like I love most of the products I used. But this is definitely one of the best.
  • It love how it fits on my face and how the mask is divided into top and bottom part so the cheekbone area gets double amount the serum.
  • My skin feels refreshed and healthy after. 
  • Affect is obvious when I apply makeup the next morning. No more foundation flaking!!!!
  • 我好鍾意呢個面膜。
  • 我覺得除咗鼻位之外,成張都好貼面。敷嘅時候好享受哦!!!
  • 敷完之後,皮膚漲噗噗,好似飲咗10杯水一樣。
  • 最重要嘅係,好上妝呀!!!

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