February 10, 2011

Review on Weft Tape Extension

I've got my weft tape extension today at i-forward salon in TST. It took me and my stylist 7 hours exactly to dye, to apply the extensions, and to cut. It was a dreadful experience because I hate sitting for so long. Bear in mind that I have not tried any other types of extension before, so I will not be comparing this to any other extensions method out there.

The application part was easy, but it took a long time for me because I have very thick hair. Due to the fact that my own hair is super thick, I don't think the amt of extensions I am wearing now is up to comparison to my natural amt of hair. But nevertheless, it has added a lot of length and volume to my super duper short hair from before. The outcome was good; however, the cut I got wasn't super nice~ you can clearly see where my own hair ends, and the cut didn't make my own hair and the extensions blend together. I guess that depends on the cut, and not on the extensions themselves. The weight of the hair is acceptable. I have not tried washing it myself yet but I will do that tomorrow morning. Perhaps I should update you guys on the post-shampooing conditions. I am guessing there is a lot of combing and untangling to do. Tonight I will be sleeping with the big braid because I read somewhere that braiding the extensions together during sleep time will help eliminate serious tangling. So, we will see how that is too... when tomorrow hits. mm~ soo.. now. picture time.



this one is with my fringe pinned up~

♡ christy

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