February 24, 2011

C.L Brightening Bio-technology Mask

Hello everyone.
Today I am going to introduce a local brand called C.L which manufactures its products in Hong Kong. One of its top selling face mask is the Brightening Bio-technology Mask. Right now, as I am typing away on my keyboard, I actually have it applied to my face right now. It feels soo comfortable and the scent is good.

So, what is the difference between a traditional paper mask than a bio-technology mask? A bio-technology mask attaches to the face better, and it's known to be like our second skin. Because it sticks to our skin better, the serum can then penetrate better into our skin, making the mask to be more effective during application. If you are interested, this mask is available at choi fung hong.

After thought: this is a very quality product in terms of its pricing (only 20HKD). My skin is rich and moisturized. The fine lines under my eyes are less visible. Also, I've personally tried the SKII masks which caused me a fortune, but the results are basically the same. Because my skin are not in severely horrible conditions, I do believe that this product is a very good alternative for my expensive skin care paper masks I've bought before.

Conclusion: do we need expensive skin care to make us look better? not necessarily. But it is always best to test-use a product before you actually commit into using it because you never know how your skin will react to it. If I am not getting any reactions or allergies from this product, that doesn't mean you won't be. Also, find brands with good reputations to ensure the quality of the products. So, in other words, find products that suit you the best. It takes some trial and error, but when you become familiar with your skin type, you will know what you need. Anyways, my point is, expensive does not always mean better.

Stay tuned as I will be writing more reviews on other paper masks sold at choi fung hong.
Disclaimer: I am not in affiliate with choi fung hong. I've made the purchase myself.

♡ christy

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